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At Veerus Leads we provide our clients with high quality and vetted leads, positioning ourselves as an industry leader in lead generation. By utilizing our diverse and extensive experience, industry partnerships, and cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide our clients with highly reliable and consistent services.


Veerus utilizes high quality sources to provide clients with crucial consumer data. Leads originate from a variety of sources, including email, search, and display, and are verified to provide only the best leads. Our industry experience has enabled us to optimize our strategy to suit the needs of each individual client, delivering unparalleled results.


Health Insurance

Health insurance or medical insurance is a type of insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy guarantees the insurer pays a sum of money to one or more named beneficiaries when the insured person dies in exchange for premiums paid by the policyholder during their lifetime.

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance policies generally cover destruction and damage to a residence's interior and exterior, the loss or theft of possessions, and personal liability for harm to others.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is designed to protect you against financial losses if you're involved in an accident or the vehicle is damaged in some way


Medicare is federal health insurance for anyone age 65 and older, and some people under 65 with certain disabilities or conditions. We operate heavily in this vertical the enrollment periods.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a comprehensive reform law, enacted in 2010, that increases health insurance coverage for the uninsured and implements reforms to the health insurance market. Many ACA plans are low cost and sometimes even free for those who sign up.


The finance and loan space is a broad category covering several different subverticals, such as auto finance, debt, and much more. We assist several different businesses with their lead generation in this sector.


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